Terms of Use

These are important if you want to use any of the designs or templates. Please follow the terms of conditions when using anything. If any terms are broken, you will receive an email from me to fix/remove. If not corrected, you may be banned from returning to this site.

(1) Please DO NOT copy/direct-link/steal anything from this site.

(2) Only minor CSS changes (colors, font size, background, etc) and headers images may be made to the templates. Changes made to premade designs are not allowed. Premade designs take time and I would prefer if you didn’t change the hard work I put into them.

(3) Headers images in premade designs cannot be modified in any way.

(4) A credit back link must be visible somewhere in your layout at all times. I would prefer if you leave it in the place it originally is put, but it may be moved as long as it is visible.

(5) If anything else is used from this site (resources) please credit back somewhere on your site.

(6) Do not redistribute anything on this site.



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